Blowin in da Wind

As his friends were well-aware, Grover Cleveland was a big proponent of "that good old timey musick." When not enjoying the finest selection of organ meats or rinsing his mustache of obstreperous crumbs, he was known to request orchestral performances or fiddlemen higgelty-piggelty.

One thing the good president did NOT approve of, however, was the sound of "jungle music." Too many drums recalled Grover's disastrous pre-presidential expedition to the Africk (more on that in a future post, surely). Despite this distaste, GC found himself mysteriously drawn to the music of a certain group of gentlemen well-known in the almanacks for their attitudes. He therefore commissioned a version of their song "We hail from a corner of Los Angeleck known as Compton," requesting that it be sung in a style resembling that of Ramblin' Belinda of the Northwest Territories...or at least Joan Baez.

We at Grover Cleveland and Friends have trawled the archives and discovered a well-preserved copy of this Cleveland classic. Enjoy!


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