A Familiar Face On Jeopardy

Picture me sitting down to another cuptastically awesome takeout dinner last night, and flipping on Jeopardy in time to see the start of Double Jeopardy. After hearing a few quick responses from the guy on the left (the defending champion), named David, something dons on me – he looks kind of familiar. Holy shnikes, yes, that’s Dave Madden ’03! I couldn’t believe it, but check out his preview clip on the official Jeopardy website. Yup, that’s Madden all right, who became a six-day champion last night. He easily beat the other two contestants, who looked like they would be more comfortable answering the celebrity-grade questions. Wow – once upon a time I had hired him to run Tiger Foods. Actually, the last time that I talked to him, we were sitting in Karen’s Chinese Restaurant, talking to the eponymous Karen about different ways to drum up more late night Chinese food deliveries. If you can, check the mini-Ken Jennings tonight on ABC.


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