The Obligatory Star Wars Post

I saw “Star Wars Episode III” last weekend, once I figured it was safe to go to the theaters without running into some kid dressed as a storm trooper. Two and a half hours later, I left the movie thinking that it was awful. I’ll let some of the script speak for itself:

ANAKIN: You are so beautiful!
PADME: It's only because I'm so in love . . .
ANAKIN: No, it's because I'm so in love with you.
PADME: So love has blinded you?
ANAKIN: Well, that's not exactly what I meant . . .
PADME: But it's probably true!

I believe that the response that you’re looking for is “barf.” There were, in fact, several scenes in which the only appropriate reaction that any mature adult would consider was an embarrassed giggle, or possibly punching the person in the theater who looked the most like George Lucas.

But the movie had redeeming qualities, too. I was surprised to find that, even though I knew exactly what would happen by the end of the movie, I actually cared about the characters during the battle scenes (which were thankfully long enough to minimize plot-related dialogue). The universal themes in the story – jealousy, uncertainty, the corruption of power – came through clearly and emotionally, despite the writing. I actually felt myself feeling genuine pity for Anakin when he’s mortally wounded, and Lucas doesn’t shy away, for once, from showing the suffering. It works. The movie also manages to add another perspective on the Jedi, who for some reason insist on denying their human (or some type of alien) nature, and attempt to remain detached, emotionally and sexually. I can’t help but think of the situation with Catholic priests in the US. Why is it that whenever we try to deny a fundamental need [and here I'm talking about sex, people], or ignore it, all we do is exacerbate the problem?

Hmm. . . I’ve clearly become enough of a dork that I’m going to have to consider beating myself up. Star Wars may not have lived up to the hype, or be worth waiting for hours outside the theater to see, but it is worth watching, and it might make you think. Just be sure to only watch it once, or you might develop some serious social issues.


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