Do Ask, Do Tell

Now for a slight change in topic. . . I'm not a big NPR listener, but I did hear an interesting feature on "This American Life" this weekend on gay marriage. What's it about? Dan and Terry, a gay couple, are raising their six year old adopted son, DJ. Almost everyone in Dan's family (his mother, father, and grandparents) want the couple to get married, but DJ disapproves.

I recommend spending the 11 minutes to hear the story. Here's the audio link for the program; skip forward to 18:06 to hear the gay marriage story (if you use RealPlayer, you can right-click on the player and select "seek to," then enter the time). I kind of feel badly for DJ, who seems genuinely confused about the whole issue, and who serves to offer a pretty interesting, somewhat innocent perspective on the issues involved. On the whole, though, I think he benefits from having an open upbringing. Hopefully, this will get you to think of something other than the Supreme Court, terrorism, or Count Chocula's tragic alcoholism (forthcoming, I'm sure, on Access Hollywood), at least for a few minutes.


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