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Thank you to Slate magazine for posting a link to the new, official website that North Korea projects to the world. I can only assume that North Koreans don’t visit this site, since I’m guessing that there are, umm, relatively few internet cafes in and around Pyongyang. This website provides hours of amusing reading on subjects such as (1) how awesome Kim Jung Il is; (2) How awesome (and not at all starved) North Korea is; and (3) how the North Koreans were victorious in the Korean conflict of the 1950’s. Let’s cut to the money quote:

[T]he [North] Korean people displayed unexcelled [sic] sacrificing spirit and mass-heroism in the decisive battles with the enemy. Along with the Chinese People's Volunteers' [sic] forces they put down the numerical and technological superiority of the US army and achieved a historic victory in the three-year-long war. During the war the ‘UN Forces’ lost over 1,567,100 men, including more than 405,000 American soldiers, and an enormous amount of combat equipment and war supplies including 12,224 aircraft, and 564 warships of different types, 3,255 tanks and armoured vehicles, 7,695 guns of different types and more than 925,100 small arms, and finally had to sign armistice agreement [sic] on July 27,1953.

Ahh, good ‘ol fashioned propaganda. . .With the USSR gone and China acting considerably less repressive, it’s nice to know that we can still turn to a couple of nutty countries for amusement. Looks like Kim Jung Il remembers killing a lot more UN forces than everyone else. Let’s see what about 3 minutes of googling says about this history. OK, so 405 thousand US soldiers killed in Korea would mean the communists killed:

About 0.3% of the entire US population of 1950
About 11% of the entire US armed forces of 1953
About 134% of total US troop deployment in the Korean theater [see right inset]
About 7.5 to 11 times as many troops as reported in any other source

Now that is a lethal army. I can only assume that this remarkable success is due to the people’s everlasting devotion to the supreme leader (be sure to read the awesome biographies while you're there). Happy reading . . . you repressors.


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