Hot Town, Summer in the City

No, this post isn’t a tribute to the Lovin’ Spoonful. It’s actually just been ridiculously hot in Washington, DC this summer. As if to add to the summer doldrums, the town pretty much empties of important people when August rolls around. My favorite columnists from the Washington Post are all on vacation, and their main subjects have also skipped town. The President headed down to Texas for five weeks, and Congress has adjourned for a month. There was even an article in the Post today (probably written by a lowly intern), about how only us regular shlubs are left in DC for the dog days of summer.

On the plus side, we Plebeians do get to hit up the fancier restaurants during Washington’s semiannual “Restaurant Week.” And you've got to assume that the risk of a terror attack must be lower - most of the important people aren't around to intimidate. So I'll take my consolation where I can get it this August. The movers and shakers may not be making news (or inspiring as many blog posts) this summer, but at least I can afford to eat at David Greggory without fear of running into Ann Coulter. Plus I’m sure that there will be plenty of tickets available this weekend, so I can go see the Nationals get crushed by the Padres. I guess that the dog days could be worse. Besides, I was getting pretty sick of running into Alan Greenspan whenever I tried to have a quiet night out on the town. That guy is so high maintenance. . .


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