GC&F Goes Mainstream

While my posting has recently slowed somewhat, there was a fairly good stream of traffic last week at GC&F. I first attributed this good news to my inherent awesomeness, but further investigation showed that a Newsweek/MSNBC webpage has a referring link to Grover Cleveland! Sure, this is part of the endless self-references that plague both the blogosphere and every song written by James Taylor. After all, GC&F got the link from Newsweek by opining on recent Newsweek commentary. And sure, this is really just an automatic page, generated by Technorati. Nevertheless, it looks like we’re on the map.

In other shameless, self-promoting news, the next post on GC&F will be number 50, and this blog is about to turn 3 months old. Here’s to many more fat presidential musings!


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