What’s Up With GC&F?

Admit it. You’re addicted. You’ve visited the site a couple of times these past two weeks, but there hasn’t been a peep from your favorite presidential chubster. So what’s up with that? Is Grover gone for good?

Actually, I’ve started law school, and have been tied up with that whole transition, plus the general work that comes with the classes. Plus, I've been hosting visits over the past few days from the family, from da girlfriend, and from fellow blogger Chevron. But never you fear, I’ll make every effort to keep GC&F alive. I’m guessing that my posts for this coming year will be significantly reduced, with the exception of maybe December, when I’ve got some time off. Hopefully, I’ll convince some of the other bloggers out there to toss in a few random posts from time to time. Actually, I was going to post something random and silly tonight, but with the amazing string of bad news these past few days, I wasn’t quite up to it. I will try to make an effort to get some posts up in the near future, though.

So now you know – Grover might be hibernating for a little bit, but he’s here for good. See you around the blogosphere!


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